Student Profile Notes in Teachworks

After a lesson is completed in Teachworks, the teacher can enter private and shared notes about the lesson.  However, there may be times when you need to record a note about a student, but the note isn’t related to a specific lesson.  In this situation, you can add a note to the student’s profile.  These student profile notes could be related to upcoming lessons, a reminder to follow up an inquiry, or as a place to keep records of communication you’ve had with the student or the student’s parent.

Student Profile Notes

Student profile notes are for internal use and can only be viewed by staff and teachers.  Notes can be entered by staff and admins and they can be read by teachers.

To add a note to a student’s profile follow these steps:

1. On the student’s profile go to the  “Notes” section.

2. You’ll be able to see an “Add Note” link next to the heading.  Click this link.

3. A window will open where you can enter the note.  Enter your note and submit the form.

4. The note will appear on the profile in the notes section.

You can edit or delete notes by clicking the icons in the note row.  If a note doesn’t fit in the space displayed on the form, you’ll see a “Continue” link at the end of the note preview.  Click this link to view the full note.

Teachworks offers a number of note related features. View some of our most popular features here.


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