How to Override Default Lesson Costs

In Teachworks, lesson costs are set when lessons are scheduled based on the billing settings on a student’s profile. This calculation is done automatically in the background when you schedule a lesson, but there may be situations when you wish to use the Lesson Cost Override feature to override the default billing method.  For instance, if a student is typically billed using the package method, but has a few extra lessons that you want to charge using your service list cost.

Enabling Lesson Cost Override

For these situations, the lesson cost override feature allows you to use a different billing method.  You can enable this feature on your Account Settings page under the Cost & Wage Settings section.

Using the Cost Override

Lesson cost override

Once enabled a checkbox for overriding the default billing method will appear on the Add and Edit Lesson form.  Check the box to display the alternative billing methods including the Student Profile Price, Service List Price, or a Custom Price that you can enter on the form.

The custom price has two variations 1) Adjusted, and 2) Unadjusted.  The adjusted method will apply any student discounts or cost premiums to the custom price that you set.  The unadjusted option will ignore student discounts and cost premiums and set the lesson price exactly to the value entered on the form.


Once enabled in your Account Settings, the override option is visible in your admin account. If you want to give staff and teachers the ability to use the lesson cost override feature you will need to set the “Lesson Cost” permission on their profiles to “Manage”.

Utilizing this method for package customers

The lesson cost override is very useful for customers who purchase package lessons but may need to schedule individual lessons outside of the lessons purchased in the package. In order to accurately track balances and ensure that lessons billed individually are not deducted from a package, you will need to use separate services for package lessons and individual lessons.

For example, you can create services named “Math Tutoring” and “Math Tutoring – Package”. When scheduling a lesson to be billed individually, simply select the “non-package” service, and click on the  “Override Billing Method” option then select the appropriate billing method.

Learn more about the Package Billing Method here.

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