Manage Multiple Locations with Teachworks

Managing Multiple Locations

If your teaching business has multiple locations, if you operate a franchise system or if you have plans to expand to multiple locations in the future, Teachworks’ master accounts will be a useful feature to help you manage multiple locations efficiently. 

Teachworks master accounts are accounts that are one level above a regular Teachworks account.  These accounts can contain multiple Teachworks accounts for individual business locations in your organization.  From a master account, you can easily switch to any existing account by clicking a button instead of logging into those accounts with a username and password.  You can also save default settings to use when you create accounts for new locations.

Creating a Master Account

To create a master account for your teaching organization you will need to log into your teachworks account.  On the Account Settings page, you’ll see a link in the sidebar to “Create a Master Account”.  Click the link and complete the form.  You’ll have a new subdomain to log into your master account. Once you’ve submitted the form a confirmation email will be sent to the email address entered on the master account form.  Click the confirmation link in the email, set your password and log into your account.

New Accounts & Default Settings

In your master account you’ll see your existing company account and over time as you add new accounts they will also be displayed in the Locations table.  You can save default settings for any new locations and you can add a new location from the navigation menu.

Switching Accounts

To switch to any location account click the “Switch” icon at the right side of the locations table for the account that you want to switch to.  This will log you into that account as an admin so you can view or manage records and settings in the account.

When logged into an account from the master account, a blue banner will be displayed below the navigation menu indicating that you’re viewing the account as a master user.  Clicking the “Switch Back” button will bring you back to your master account.

Consolidated Reports

In a future update, master accounts will also support consolidated reporting so that you can conveniently view the performance of your locations in a single place.


Master accounts are ideal for any company with more than one location. The master account allows you to manage multiple locations easily and helps you operate with the same account settings and processes.

Update: You can now sync multiple locations to one QuickBooks account through the master account! More information: Syncing Multiple Teachworks locations to QuickBooks

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