Teachworks Now Supports Custom Profile Fields

Teachworks student and employee profiles contain all of the standard fields for contact information, billing details, employment details and more.  But you will likely want to record information that isn’t included in the standard fields. For this, we’ve added Custom Profile Fields to give you the flexibility to add any and as many additional fields as you want.

Custom Profile Fields

Feature Overview

Custom profile fields allow you to choose which profile type the field will be displayed on — student or employee.

You can also select a name for the field and you can control the input type including text fields, text areas, select menus, check boxes and radio buttons.

You can also easily change the order that the fields appear on the profile using the drag and drop reorder feature.

Adding Custom Profile Fields

To learn more about adding custom profile fields read the article in the Knowledge Base: Adding Custom Fields to Student & Employee Profiles


Custom fields for student profiles are for internal use, so they are visible to staff and the student’s teachers but the are not visible to students or parents.  Staff with permission to edit student fields can manage the data in these fields.

Employees can view and manage the custom profile fields on their own profiles.  Staff with permission to manage employees can also manage the content in custom fields for other employees.

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