Managing Teacher Availability – Part 1: Regular Availability

In the next few blog posts, we’ll cover some of the basic features in Teachworks. Today we’ll begin with how to set teacher availability so that it will be displayed on the calendar allowing you to quickly find openings in their schedule whenever needed. 

There are two types of availability that you can enter for a teacher or staff member in Teachworks.  The first is the teacher’s “regular” availability.  This includes the times that the teacher is normally available and is the same each week for an extended period of time.  The second type is the teacher’s unavailabilities — which are exceptions to the teacher’s regular availability.

A teacher’s regular availability can be entered on the teacher or staff member’s profile by an administrator or by the employee.  The image below shows what the form looks like.

To enter teacher availability simply select a day of the week and enter a start and end time for that day.  You may also select more than one time slot on the same day.

teacher availability

To add another availability click the “Add Row” link.  You can also remove a row by clicking the “Remove Row” link.

Once set, the teacher availability will be visible on the calendar.  You can view the teacher’s availability on the Main Calendar’s Week and Day views when you select the teacher from the filter menu in the sidebar.  You can also see the teacher’s availability in the Teacher Calendar’s Day view.

This image shows the Main Calendar Week view.  The clear areas are times that the teacher is available and the shaded areas are unavailable.


Availabilities work for both teachers and staff employees so you can use it for scheduling both types of employee.

In the next blog entry, we’ll look at how to add exceptions to a teacher’s regular availability.

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