Customer Billing And Payment Instructions

customer billing and payment system

Teachworks has a very powerful customer billing and payment system. While there are efficiency advantages to using Teachworks to generate invoices and process payments, some companies might use different systems. For this, we provide options to control what billing tabs are visible in your customer user accounts for more flexibility.

On your Account Settings page, scroll down to the Customer Settings section.  This section shows three pages that you can either enable or disable in your customer’s accounts to customize billing and payment system preferences.  The pages are:

  • Transactions
  • Packages
  • Payment Instructions

The Transactions page shows all of the customer’s invoices, credit notes, and payments. This page is enabled by default.  If you use a separate software program for invoicing you may want to disable this page.

The Packages page displays the customer’s package balances and individual package purchases.  This page is also enabled by default.  If you don’t bill any of your customer’s using the Package billing method you can disable this page.

In the Payments Instructions page, you can provide payment instructions for your customers.  Whether you’ve connected your Teachworks account to Stripe for payment processing or you want to link to a separate payment processing page, you can use this page to provide details on those payment methods as well as any other payment methods such as cash, check, etc. This page is disabled by default.

When this tab is enabled, the instructions field is displayed on your Account Settings page where you can enter your payment instructions.  This field accepts HTML so if you want to use formatting in your instructions for links or buttons you can enter HTML code to accomplish this.

There are other options that can be customized in the Teachworks customer billing and payment system. For more information regarding invoicing, billing methods, payments, and more visit our Knowledge Base.

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