Additional Family Contacts in Teachworks

additional family contacts

Traditionally, a single family profile is used by both parents of a child. However, you can also add additional family contacts as another parent, guardian or simply someone who also needs access to the student’s records in Teachworks.

By default, you can enter a family’s contact information including parent names, email addresses, phone numbers, address and notes on their profile. You may want to store additional family contacts for one or more parents or guardians.  To do this you can click the “Add Contact” link that is displayed on the form for adding a family and on the profile of existing families below the “Contact Details” section.

Clicking the link will bring you to a form for entering the additional contact’s details. In addition to contact details, you can also enable lesson reminders and lesson notes emails, and if you want to provide them with a separate user account you can enable this as well.

With this feature, an additional family contact has access to all the features as a family account, except for billing related features. You are able to add as many additional family contacts as needed, which allows all the interested parties to be able to receive student information.

At Teachworks, we are constantly updating our software to accommodate the needs of our customers. Thank you to everyone who suggested the addition of this feature in our Feature Suggestion Forum.

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