Adding Teacher Availability – Part 2: Exceptions

Today we’ll look at how to add exceptions to a teacher’s regular availability and how to schedule teacher unavailability. In the previous blog post we looked at how to add a teacher’s regular availability on their profile. You can read that blog entry here: Adding Teacher Availability – Part 1: Regular Availability

If a teacher won’t be available during their normally available times, instead of changing their regular availability they can add some “unavailabilities” to their calendar. This feature, allows you to easily schedule one-time events and holidays so you can keep your teacher’s schedule up to date at all times.

Delegating Tip: You can allow teachers to be responsible for updating their availability and unavailability from their user accounts. By delegating this task, you will reduce your workload and increase calendar accuracy since teachers can make sure to maintain their own availability up to date.

To add teacher unavailability follow these steps:

  1. Under the Calendar tab, click on the “Add Unavailability” option.
  2. Select the teacher from the menu. If you are adding this from a teacher account, no menu will be displayed and the unavailability will automatically be associated with your account.
  3. Enter the start and end of the unavailability.
  4. If the will be unavailable multiple times for a period, you can set up a repeating unavailability.
  5. Submit the form.

teacher unavailability

Now the unavailable times will be displayed on the Main Calendar Week and Day views when filtered by teacher (or when logged in as a teacher), and on the Teacher Calendar Day view. In the screenshot below the shaded area from 3pm – 4pm on Wednesday is an unavailability that has been added separately.


You can edit or delete an unavailability by clicking on it on the calendar. A pop-up will appear. Click the “Edit” or “Delete” link to make changes or delete the teacher unavailability.

In the next blog post we’ll look at another useful tool for scheduling, which is Teachworks’ “Conflict Checker”. For more information about our scheduling features, visit our website!

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