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Teachworks Business Management Software

We’re excited to introduce you to Teachworks and give you an overview of our mission and philosophy.  Teachworks is a web-based software program that helps education companies manage their businesses more efficiently and effectively.  The Teachworks program currently focuses on managing employee and client records, scheduling, invoicing, payroll, communication, and analysis. 

Our Mission

The primary goal of teachworks is to help the education companies that use our software to become more efficient and effective.  As our clients grow their businesses, our business grows as well — so our incentives are aligned with our clients’.

In the process of developing the concept and design of teachworks, we’ve made several specific decisions with the aim of helping as many teaching companies as possible become more efficient and effective.

1. Designed Specifically for Teaching Companies

Teachworks has been designed for the unique needs of education businesses and as a result, we believe that it allows education companies to operate more efficiently than with more general business management systems.

One example of how teachworks is designed specifically for teaching companies is our invoicing system.  While most invoicing software programs allow you to add items or services to an invoice one at a time, teachworks invoices can do the same and more.  You can add a single charge for a fee or service, but you also have the option of adding a package of hours that can then be tracked as lessons are scheduled for the customer. Teachworks also allows you to pull lessons from your calendar onto your invoice so that you don’t need to re-enter any data.  These are options that are simply not available with other invoicing programs and would require you to manually re-enter data — which increases labor costs and increases the risk of clerical errors.

2. Seamless Data Sharing Between Functions

Teachworks allows data to be shared seamlessly between different administrative tasks reducing the need to re-enter data and reducing the risk of clerical errors.  The previous example showed how data can be shared between the calendar and the invoice.  Lessons scheduled on the calendar can also be used to track teacher hours and calculate wages, without separate calculations or data entry.  The ability to share data between student profiles, your price list, and your calendar allows lesson costs to be set automatically based on your billing settings — without the need to refer to student records or your price list. These are just a few ways that sharing data between functions in your teachworks account can help you become more efficient.

3. Common Software Instead of Custom Software

In order to make teachworks available to as many education companies as possible, we’ve decided to build teachworks as a common software program that can be used by all education companies instead of developing separate custom software programs for just a small number of companies.

Custom software has high upfront and ongoing maintenance and management costs that make it unaffordable for many teaching companies; whereas teachworks has no upfront costs and charges per month with no long-term contracts.  Plus, we handle all of the maintenance and management of the software so you don’t have to.

Our pricing structure has also been designed to help you match your plan to your level of business activity by setting plan levels based on the number of lessons you require each month.  The ability to adjust your plan as your business level fluctuates gives you greater ability to match your software costs to your business revenue — something that custom software can’t offer.

4. Flexibility & Simplicity

The final key decision that we’ve made when developing teachworks is to focus on balancing flexibility with simplicity. A problem with many software programs is that in an attempt to appeal to as many users as possible, they continuously add features — many of which will be used by only a small number of users and just get in the way for the majority of users.  As a result, the software becomes more difficult to learn, daily tasks become more time-consuming and it becomes easier to make errors.

Teachworks’ design is focused on offering the key features that are required by most teaching companies in an intuitive, easy-to-use format that at the same time offers flexibility to match your business needs. In many cases, advanced features are disabled by default so that they won’t increase complexity and confusion for companies that don’t need those features.  As  a result, teachworks is easy to learn, allows your frequent daily tasks to be completed more efficiently and helps you and your employees avoid making errors because of confusing features.  This helps you reduce labor costs associated with the time to learn how to use the software and allows your employees to perform tasks more efficiently on a daily basis.

Get Started

If you want to learn more about the specific features that Teachworks offers, you can take the feature tour here: Teachworks Tour

I also invite you to sign up for a free 3-week trial to experience how Teachworks can help your teaching business become more efficient and effective: Teachworks Trial Signup

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