Tutor Business Cards: Crafting the Perfect Card

Business cards may seem like a rather unimportant element in your tutoring business, but when well-designed, a business card can be an important marketing tool. A well-designed card communicates the quality and professionalism of your business, it provides customers a short, memorable summary of what your tutoring business does, it provides them with where to look or how to contact you if they would like more information and tutoring business cards can even include a call to action.

When starting a tutoring business you should be looking for every advantage you can get. Dedicating some time to planning your tutoring business cards and how to make them into effective marketing tools is time well spent. Continue reading for some tutoring business card essentials.

The Main Purpose of Your Tutoring Business Card

A business card’s main purpose is to provide people with an easy way to save your contact information. This should be the first function you address when planning your tutoring business card. Make sure that the contact information you provide on the card is complete, accurate and clearly displayed. Avoid small fonts, font that blends in with the background color, and font styles that may be difficult to read. Make sure the email address you list is one that you check at least daily so that you can reply promptly to inquiries. Provide a phone number that you will be able to answer or that has voice mail so that potential customers can leave a message. Design your card with the goal of making it extremely easy for someone to reach you using the information you present on the card. Any difficulties reaching you may result in the prospective student using a tutoring service that was easier to reach.

The standard contact information you should include on your card are:

– Company Address

– Telephone

– Email Address

If you don’t have a company address you can provide your home address or at a minimum list the city you are located in so that customers will know the general area in which you offer tutoring services.

Communicating What You Do

Another purpose of business cards is to say something about your company. This can be communicated by your company name, logo, slogan or a line or two about what services your company provides. The important thing here is to keep it short. The purpose of your card is to provide contact information, not a detailed description of your business. If you want to provide more detailed information about your company you can include a website address or you can provide it when people contact you. Use words in your summary that indicate subjects, education level and geographic locations. If you offer a wide range of subjects or cover multiple education levels it’s not necessary to specify these items.

Optionally you can include information that emphasizes the reputation of your company such as:

“Tutoring High School Math in Burlington for over 10 years”

Some more examples:

“High School Math Tutoring for Burlington”

“English Tutoring for the Philadelphia Area”

“Specializing in Math Tutoring in Southern Florida”

Branding Your Business Card

The design of your business card can play an important role in communcating information about your brand. For example, choosing brighter colors and less formal fonts would be suitable for a company offering tutoring services specifically for elementary students, but would not be suitable for a company offering high-priced test prep tutoring targetted at students from wealthy families.

An important rule of thumb is to begin with a clean design that’s easy to read and does not appear cluttered. Next you can try changing different variables such as background color, font color and font style and see which combinations best reflect your tutoring business’s brand. Heavier stock paper and textures can also be added and generally communicate higher quality or premium services – but standard paper is generally good enough for most tutoring businesses.

Promoting Your Tutoring Business with Business Cards

Tutoring business cards are not only useful for providing potential and current customers with your contact information, they are also an excellent tool for making it easier to pass your information on to other students. They can also be used to give recipients of your card a special incentive to sign up for your tutoring services.

One way to encourage the distribution of your business cards is to give current students a few cards instead of one so that they can easily pass on your contact information to friends or acquaintences who are looking for tutoring services. They will be a happy to be able to help a friend and the potential student has all of the information they need to contact you.

To increase the number of people who contact you after receiving your card, you can include a special offer available to card recipients. On the front or back of the card include a promotional offer such as one free tutoring session, 10% off a 5 session block, or something along these lines. A special offer will increase the likelihood of the card recipient contacting you and it will improve your odds when potential customers are comparing tutoring companies.


Spending some extra time planning your tutoring business cards and using the guidelines listed above will help more cards you hand out to become result in new students and you will have an advantage over competitors that have not put the same thought and planning into their own cards.

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