Why People Choose Tutoring Companies over Independent Tutors

As the owner of a tutoring company you compete not only with other tutoring companies, but also with independent tutors that can often afford to charge lower rates than you. For this reason, it’s important to understand why some people choose tutoring companies over independent tutors and then emphasize these reasons when marketing your tutoring business.

The following entry discusses 5 reasons why people choose tutoring companies over independent tutors:

1.  Accountability

Tutoring companies have more invested in their reputations than independent tutors. They have multiple students, they have considerable money invested in marketing and building a reputation in their markets and as a result they have more motivation to ensure students receive high-quality tutoring. In your marketing mention your reputation, the number of students that you have helped and the size of your company – these things will demonstrate to customers that you will be dedicated to providing high quality service in order to protect and build your reputation.

2. Quality

It doesn’t take much to become an independent tutor and it can be difficult and time-consuming for students to do the necessary research to determine if a tutor is qualified and dependable. In contrast, tutors working for tutoring companies have likely gone through a number of steps to ensure that they are qualified for the job. This includes resume screening, interviews, calling references, criminal background checks, and other tests to evaluate the tutors skill in teaching. By emphasizing the depth of your screening process, potential students will feel confident that your tutors are fully qualified for teaching.

Tutoring companies also have established methods of doing business and teaching techniques and resources that result in a high-quality tutoring experience for students.

3. Finding a Good Fit

The ability to relate to students plays an important role in a teachers ability to effectively teach a student – and personality plays a large role in relating to a student. Finding an independent tutor with a complementary personality to the student can be a time-consuming process, and a tutoring relationship that does not work out for personality reasons requires students to start their search over again.   Tutoring companies on the other hand often have a variety of tutors that can teach a single subject, so finding a suitable match for students is much easier. You can make this a selling point for your tutoring business by considering personality when matching students with tutors.

4. Focused Tutors

Independent tutors have to manage both the teaching and administrative aspects of their tutoring. This can be a distraction for independent tutors that isn’t present in tutoring companies. Tutoring companies handle all of the administrative aspects of the business while the teachers simply focus on teaching.

5. Dependability

When unexpected events come up for tutors such as sickness, moving, etc. working with a tutoring company allows students to continue their tutoring program without interruption. The student can be paired with another tutor that is already familiar with the student’s situation. When unexpected events prevent an independent tutor from continuing their teaching, students’ learning will be interrupted and they will need to find an entirely new tutor.


Highlight the strengths of your tutoring company in your marketing materials, on your website and when discussing your company with prospective students. This will reinforce the extra value students receive when choosing your company for their tutoring.

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