5 Ways To Find Great Tutors For Your Business

A company is only as good as its employees, which is why it is essential to go the extra mile to find the best tutors out there. Your education business will flourish if you hire candidates who are passionate about teaching and who really care about your clients. It can be challenging to find the right people for the job, especially if competition is high, but here are a few ways achieve results. (more…)

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Track Non-Teaching Hours with Work Lists

track non-teaching hours

With Teachworks you can efficiently track teacher hours and calculate their wages based on the lessons in the calendar. Did you know you can also track non-teaching hours? most education centers also pay their teachers for administrative work such as time spent planning lessons and /or, office work, reception duty and any other non-teaching tasks. To make scheduling and wage calculations more efficient, Teachworks offers a work list that contains the different types of work that your teachers and staff perform.  (more…)

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How to Enable Calendar Feeds in Teachworks

calendar feeds

You can make it even easier for your teachers and staff to access their schedules, with Calendar feeds. iCalendar is a data standard program that allows calendar events to be shared between calendar programs and is used and supported by a large number of products including Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Yahoo Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird and more. This feature allows you to sync your Teachworks calendar to your phone or tablet.  (more…)

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4 Reasons to Customize Notification Templates

Customize Notification Templates

We all know communication is very important, especially when it comes to maintaining a healthy and profitable business. Given the nature of most education businesses, the need for open and efficient communication between parents, students, and teachers is crucial. Teachworks allows you to customize notification templates so you are able to include the information that is most important to your customers so you can improve communication.  (more…)

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