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Starting a Tutoring Business in 4-Weeks e-Book!

starting a tutoring business

If you are thinking of starting a tutoring business — start with our FREE 4-week guide! This guide will provide you with all the information, tools, and resources you need to make sure your business is set up for success. Wouldn’t it be great if you could start a tutoring business in the blink of an eye? The good news is YOU CAN!

We have done all the research needed to start a tutoring business and compiled it into this e-book to provide you with all the information you need to get started.  We have also created business outlines that you can fill out to guide you through each step of starting a tutoring business.

Download the e-Book and Business Outlines below and get started today. You will have a tutoring business in 4-weeks! Each chapter provides you with insight into the tutoring business world, then you can fill out the business outlines to get your business started.

The e-Book “Starting a Tutoring Business in 4-Weeks” will teach you: 

  • How to Identify Attractive Niches
  • How You Can Differentiate Your Tutoring Business
  • Steps You Need to Take to Set Up Your Tutoring Business
  • Learn How to Manage Your Business Efficiently
  • Learn How to Find Customers

Download the e-Book “Starting a Profitable Tutoring Business in 4-Weeks”

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How to Enable Calendar Feeds in Teachworks

calendar feeds

You can make it even easier for your teachers and staff to access their schedules, with Calendar feeds. iCalendar is a data standard program that allows calendar events to be shared between calendar programs and is used and supported by a large number of products including Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Yahoo Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird and more. This feature allows you to sync your Teachworks calendar to your phone or tablet.

In Teachworks, you can enable the Calendar feeds on your Account Settings page under the Calendar Settings section. Since the items seen on a calendar depend on the permissions on a staff or teacher account, you can create separate feeds for your entire teaching company and for each of your teachers or employees.

Company Feed

When you enable the company feed by checking the box, your feed URL will be displayed below the setting field.

Employee Feeds

When you enable employee feeds, the feed URL will be added to the employee’s profile page.

Additional Filters

For further control of the Calendar feeds, you can change the final parameter in the feed URL. The available settings are “all”, “lessons”, and “other”.

All – displays lessons and other non-teaching events from the calendar
Lessons – displays only lessons
Other – displays only other non-teaching events.

You may want to add a separate feed to your calendar program for lessons and other events to make it easier to distinguish between the two feeds. It is also important to mention, that Calendar feeds are secure and they are only available as “Read Only”. This means you would only be able to see the calendar events and will not be able to make any changes to it the actual schedule.

For more detailed instructions and links to instructions for subscribing to your Calendar feeds from popular calendar programs, check out the teachworks Knowledge Base article here: Teachworks Calendar Feeds

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Building a Tutoring Business Franchise

Tutoring Business Franchise

After building a strong and successful tutoring business, many people might be asking you for advice on how to built their own tutoring business from scratch. Have you ever thought about building a tutoring business franchise system? Do you think your knowledge and experience could benefit other entrepreneurs?

If so, here are a few reasons why you should start setting up your business to become franchisable now:

  • You will need to carefully document your journey to be able to provide your franchisee with a proven business model to follow
  • You will need to become an expert on each of the business stages you have gone through so you can provide support and guidance to your franchisees
  • Franchise organizations are able to charge up-front franchise fees and an ongoing percentage of the franchisee’s revenue, which means another source of income for sharing your expertise and knowledge
  • A franchise system can help your business brand grow significantly

Turning your business into a successful franchise system requires a lot of work and dedication. Start your journey today by finding out more about how to improve your business model to make it franchisable. Download this e-Book today and learn:

  • All about franchising
  • The benefits of this business model and how to attract franchise investors.
  • Plus, learn the 5 Franchise Criteria that a business must meet in order to become a successful franchise.

How to Make Your Tutoring Business Franchisable

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Improve Efficiency with a Tutor Scheduling Software

tutor scheduling software

As a business owner, you are constantly juggling between maintaining a healthy business, keeping up with customer needs and making sure your employees are satisfied. Sometimes, you may feel like you need to ask for help, however, we know that it is not easy to ask for help – even if you need it.

There are a few steps you can take to reduce your workload, improve efficiency and help your business grow – one of them is implementing a tutor scheduling software. A tutor scheduling software can help you organize your business in the following areas:

  • Simplify your complex schedule.
  • Make it easy to find open spots, schedule new lessons, change lesson times etc.
  • Maintaining detailed online records of your business, including employee and student profiles, business records and many others.
  • Automate the most time-consuming tasks of administrating your business such as invoicing, payments and payroll.
  • Help you improve communication with your customers and employees.

Your tutoring business revolves around your schedule, so this is one of the most important parts of your business. Finding ways to simplify and automate your calendar is the first step you should take to better manage your business. If you are still managing your schedule using outdated scheduling methods – it is time to try an online scheduling software.

A tutor scheduling software can help you with everything from keeping track of your tutor’s availability, scheduling lessons fast, checking scheduling conflicts and calculating employee hours from the completed lessons all with just a few clicks.

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Generating Lesson Reports Fast and Efficiently

generating lesson reports

Generating lesson reports is very important. These reports allow you to determine where your revenue is coming from and what services are the most and least scheduled along with other insights. You can also generate detailed reports including lesson notes for parents whenever necessary.

Teachworks currently has three report types that have settings that can be adjusted to create many different reports. In today’s blog post we’ll take a look at the report type: Lesson Summaries. You can find the reports under the “Reports” tab in your administrator account.

Unlike the Breakdown and Time Series Reports which include data in graph and list format, the Lesson Summaries report is a list only report.  This report allows you to pull up all of the lessons that match your settings and displays the results in a list that can be printed, copied or downloaded to Excel.

When generating lesson reports, you can choose from the following settings to create a unique lesson summary:

Data Type

The setting fields include the measure type which allows you to view the results by lesson or by student lesson (the difference is that student lessons will show a separate result for each student in a group lesson, whereas the lesson will show one result for each lesson regardless of the number of students in the lesson.

Date Range

The next fields allow you to adjust the date range.  By default, the dates will be set to the first and last day of the current month.


You can select to include lessons by status, lessons belonging to specific teachers, or if you’ve selected the “Lessons by Student” option you can also filter by student.


The format options include “List” and “Totals”. The “List” option will display a line for every single result.  The “Totals” option will display a line with the totals (wage and cost) for any items that you group the results by.


The grouping option allows you to group the results by Date, Teacher, Service or Student (if you’ve selected the “Lessons by Student” data type).  When combined with the list format the results will be displayed in a list with all of the results grouped according to your selection.  When combined with the “Totals” format a total will be displayed for each item in the group.


If you’ve selected the list option and you select a group setting, you can check the box that appears to display subtotals below each group.


The final column allows you to choose the columns that are displayed.  This option is available if you’ve selected the “List” format.  You can select multiple columns related to the lesson such as the start and end times, shared and private notes, service, location, teacher, student, wage, revenue, status, and duration.

Saving Your Settings

Once you’ve entered your settings you can submit the form to view the results.  If you think you will be generating lesson reports frequently, you can click the “Save Settings” box next to the submit button to save the settings.  Once saved you’ll be able to select the report from a menu and submit the form to retrieve the results.

More information: Lesson Summaries Report

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4 Reasons to Customize Notification Templates

Customize Notification Templates

We all know communication is very important, especially when it comes to maintaining a healthy and profitable business. Given the nature of most education businesses, the need for open and efficient communication between parents, students, and teachers is crucial. Teachworks allows you to customize notification templates so you are able to include the information that is most important to your customers so you can improve communication.

Here are 4 reasons why you should customize notification templates:

Personal Touch 

To remain competitive in today’s world, most businesses are adopting a “Customer Centric” approach. This approach allows businesses to focus on maintaining a personalized close relationship with their customers. You can customize Teachworks notification templates using merge tags to include your customers’ name and other details that are unique to your customer. In Teachworks, each notification template has a list of merge tags that are available to personalize your message.

Keep Your Customers In-The-Know 

Most parents want to be in-the-know regarding their child’s success and progress. School administrators need to make sure these communication links are smooth and valuable. One way to do this in Teachworks is to create a template for lesson notes to be filled by teachers. Using a template can help your teachers fill out notes more efficiently and it can also help your customers better understand the progress a student has made after each session. More information: Pre-Filled Lesson Notes

Create Value 

Creating value goes beyond offering your customers a “good price” for the services you provide. Communication is an excellent way to create value for your customers as it allows you to maintain your customers informed every step of the way. When your customers are aware of exactly how they benefit from using your services, the value of your services rises above just a dollar amount. In Teachworks, you can customize each notification template so you can start creating value from the first welcome message to the latest reminder of upcoming lessons.

Entice Feedback 

Another opportunity offered when you customize notification templates is the ability to ask customers for feedback. You could simply include a line to let your customers know you are open to feedback – you will be surprised by the valuable information you can discover by simply asking your customers for feedback.

For step-by-step instructions on how to customize notification templates in Teachworks please visit our knowledge base article: Customizing Notification Templates

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5 Features to Manage Tutors Efficiently

manage tutors efficiently

There are several features included in Teachworks to allow you to manage tutors efficiently. While some of the features used to improve efficiency may be obvious — such as enabling user accounts for your tutors. Other features included in our tutor management software to help you improve efficiency might not be so obvious.

Here is a list of 5 features that can help you manage your tutors more efficiently and make them more productive while using Teachworks.

1 – Limiting the number of services that appear in the menu for teacher accounts

When a tutor is scheduling a lesson for a single student, the drop-down menu to select a service displays separate groups for any default services that have been set for the student. In addition, the full list of services offered by your company is also displayed. To make things easier for your tutors you can limit this menu to only include the student’s default services by following these instructions: Limiting Service Menu

2 – Pre-filled lesson notes

If you require your tutors to record lessons notes, you can make things easier for them by pre-filing lessons notes with a format to follow. This way, they will be able to easily fill out the notes following the specific format and your lesson notes will be kept more organized.  More information: Pre-filled Lesson Notes

3 – Employee availability 

A great feature to improve efficiency is the ability for tutors and staff to enter their availability from their own profiles. Once the availability is entered, it is displayed on the calendar so other staff can easily find open spots for the tutors. This feature allows your employees to be in charge of their time and reduce the workload on administrative staff. More information: Employee Availability

4 – Completing lessons more efficiently

If your tutors are really busy this season and completing lessons is becoming time-consuming, Teachworks has two features that can help them complete lessons more efficiently:

    • Completing multiple lessons in succession
    • Changing the status of multiple lessons at once.

More information: Completing Lessons More Efficiently

5 – Employee calendar feeds

Calendar feeds allow your employees to have access to their lessons on other calendar programs including Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo Calendar, Mozilla Thunderbird and more. Enabling calendar feeds will give your tutors access to view their lessons directly from their calendars without having to log into Teachworks. More information: Tutor Calendar Feeds

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Teachworks Recent Updates

Feature Update

Happy New Year!

On behalf of our team, we hope you had an amazing new year so far!

We have added some updates and features this week, thank you for the companies who provided us with feedback on the new Standard Subjects Feature! Based on your feedback, we have added the following improvements:

Ability to merge standard fields

  • The merge feature will allow companies who are switching from the text version of subjects to quickly merge two or more subjects that might have been misspelled or written differently. For example, if you had two text subjects, one as Math and one as Mathematics but they are the same subject, you can use the merge icon that appears beside the “Edit” icon to turn these two separate subjects into one.

Only display active students and teachers 

  • Previously, the standard subject table displayed all active and inactive students and teachers. Now, only active students and teachers are displayed.

We have also added other software improvements as follows:

  • The customer’s name on the invoices excel export file is now displayed as “Last Name, First Name”.
  • You are now able to download a list of the payment allocations made in your account. To access go to Billing > Payments > Click on “Download Allocations”.
  • The MailChimp Add-on has been upgraded to provide a better user experience and integration with MailChimp. With the update, you are now able to see activity logs for all your lists!
  • A field has been added to Teachworks subscription page to show the email address that subscription receipts are being sent to. Fixed bug on “Update Credit Card” field that wasn’t saving new email addresses.

Do you have any feature suggestions? Help us prioritize the addition of new features by adding your suggestion to our Feature Suggestions Forum.

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How to Choose a Music Teacher Software

music teacher software

As your business grows, balancing administration work and teaching can become a struggle. A music teacher software can help you manage your schedule, teachers, and students efficiently — so you can focus on growing your business and doing what is most important to you. Here are some of the key features to look for in a music teacher software:

Access to Your Information Anywhere

As a music teacher business owner or administrator, you are always on the go. It is important to have access to the schedule, student profiles, and other information at all times across all devices. A great music teacher software should be web-based with an outstanding mobile platform so you can access your information from anywhere with internet access.

Integrated Calendar 

The calendar is one of the most important aspects of your business. Your teacher hours, students lessons, and business revenue all depend on your ability to manage the scheduled accurately and efficiently.  A software that makes your job easier can represent hours of work and a lot of headaches saved. It can also improve your student’s experience and enhance your business brand. A great music teacher software will provide you with the ability to quickly schedule lessons, find open spots for music lessons, automatically check lesson conflicts for you and more.

Efficient Billing & Payroll 

Creating invoices manually is a very time-consuming task. Think about everything you could accomplish if you could spend that time doing something else! A great music teacher software will provide you with the ability to create automatic invoices according to your customer needs, create custom invoice email templates and more!

Automation is the key to saving time, the software should also allow you to save time by automating payroll. How? by automatically calculating teacher hours and earning using the information included in the calendar, student costs and teacher wages.

Records and Analytics 

Analysing the performance of your business through detailed reports can help you discover opportunities to grow your business. A software that allows you to manage detailed and up-to-date reports for students, teachers, lessons transactions and more can help you identify opportunities and also recognize issues before they affect your customers and /or bottom line.

Other features to look for:

  • Ability to create teacher, student, and family user accounts.
  • Custom fields to record information that matters to you
  • Custom registration forms
  • Teacher calendar that includes teacher availability
  • Personal calendars to keep track of other events
  • Ability to customize and white-label the account
  • Lending library to keep track of instruments and materials lent to students

 About Teachworks 

Teachworks is a business management software build for educators, it is designed to help you manage the core aspects of your teaching business fast and efficiently. Try Teachworks features today by signing up for a free trial!

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Update Student Grades in Your Teachworks Account

Updating Student Grades

The end of the year is close! Most of you are probably getting ready for the new year by updating your service lists with new pricing. If your school calendar ends in December and a new year starts in late January, you will need to update student grades over the holiday break.

Teachworks has a great feature to help you maintain student records up-to-date without having to change each record manually. This feature can be accessed by going to the Student Table and clicking in the “Increment Grade Levels” link in the sidebar.

This feature allows you to automatically increment all student grade levels. You can choose to only update the grade levels for students created on or before a specific date, in case you have added new students who do not need to be updated.

You can find more information on updating student grades in our previous blog post: Updating Your Student Grade Levels and step by step instructions in our knowledge base article.

It is important to remember that maintaining accurate student records is a crucial part of running an education business. At Teachworks, we are always looking for ways to help you maintain student records up to date.

Are there any other records you will be updating before the holidays are over? Do you have any questions on how to make these processes easier? Contact us or comment below for more information.

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